Design, Construction and Surfacing

Asphalt Sealcoaters offers you a 41 year reputation to insure the best quality and service available in the industry. As a leader in surfacing technology, Asphalt Sealcoaters has the tennis court resurfacingtechnical support to address a wide variety of tennis court surfaces and conditions. We use the premier product line of athletic surfacing solutions, Dynaflex Sports Surfacing.  Our products exceed industry standards and meet the individual needs of our customers.

Low Spots? Standing Water?

“Bird baths” can be a real problem for you and we have ways of reducing them. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle your every tennis court problem, from new construction to repair, coloring, and line striping.

If your tennis court has large unsightly cracks, low areas that hold water or net posts that need replacing, Asphalt Sealcoaters of Dayton can solve any of your asphalt surface catastrophes. We also carry in-stock nets, net posts, ratchets and roll-drys.

We can build you a court for your house, at your school or any location necessary. Call us at (937) 275-1616 or email us for a quote or to place an order.